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    Default Why Barfi Deserves Oscar?

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    Barfi deserves Oscar! Yes, thereís no reason to be dumbstruck. Barfi in the tradition of so many enthralling drama in the last few years that made Indian film grow bigger in stature in the world cinema, is just on its way to produce another success story for Indian film in the global space in respect of critical reception and artistic appraisal. The film is already in the 100 Crore club as one of the highest commercially successful Indian film in the last few years, but more than just being another commercially hit cinema it exhibited all dramatic and cinematic qualities for critical appraisal of highest order and that made it a contender for Oscar award for best foreign picture in 2012. Letís have a look at various aspects that explains why Barfi deserves Oscar!\

    A great screenplay and characters that rock

    Barfi tells the story of a deaf and dumb, simple hearted, passionate and most intensely and emotionally active young man and his relationship with two girls. Being born and brought up in picturesque hill station of Darjeeling Barfi or Murphy Johnson gets entangled in two-edged relationship subsequently with two girls that apart from the romantic drama that ensues also takes him to get involved in criminal abduction drama of one of these girls that ends up in mutual love. But in few years time after he came to Kolkata again as soon as his relationship with the second girl became rekindled he again got into the kidnapping drama that made Darjeeling Police go after him. The story surprisingly shows the becoming of three characters lives that ends in a hospital where two girls are in an encompassing sadness beside the death bed of Barfi.

    The beauty of the screenplay is its interwoven drama that encompasses various enthralling situations that simultaneously relates the troubled, deaf and dumb and easy going personality of Barfi in the face of two edged love and worldly challenges. The character of Barfi and its diverse playfulness and dramatic as well as innocent endeavors fills us with a charm that no recent film in the world can be compared with. All reasons apart this intuitive depiction of characters in their most original human empathy alone explains why Barfi deserves Oscar.

    Some never-before quality that wins Oscar

    Typically for winning Oscar for best foreign language film as it has been observed that the film must have some qualities that make it appealing to world audience irrespective of numerous cultural and social differences. When a film with enrapturing drama and sturdy, enthralling visuals directly appeals to your reasoning and emotional content beyond linguistic and cultural differences it becomes a deserving contender for best foreign language film. Barfi has taken millions of Indianís heart with its heart rendering cinematic tale of innocence, love and thrilling human perspective and the film is not too much culture specific that makes the possibility of the film to be appealing to world audience wide open. Most of the Indian films previously chosen or nominated for Oscar had been either too much drawn into mainstream or ethnic Indian culture and that in a way served as a cultural barrier for winning Oscar. Barfi deserves Oscar because it more than language or typical local cultural orientation depicts the story of love and relationship through the heart rendering comedy and innocence of a dumb man that overcomes linguistic and cultural differences.

    ...being a human...

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    barfi doesn't deserve it !!



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