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    Default Author-backed roles are only for the stars: Arshad Warsi

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    Arshad Warsi, who plays a lawyer in his next, says his acting chops are being noticed for the first time

    Arshad Warsi, who will be back playing Circuit in the next two films of the Munnabhai franchise, is ready with not one but two films. While in Anand Kumar's Zilla Ghaziabad, he will be seen in a different avatar, playing a baddie for the first time, in Subhash Kapoor's Jolly LLB he essays the role of a lawyer.

    From playing a lawbreaker in Munnabhai to donning the black coat in Jolly LLB, you seemed to have switched sides effortlessly. How was the journey?
    I am thankful to god for blessing me with some amount of talent. Acting comes naturally to me. The kind of appreciation I am getting from the promos of Jolly LLB is unbelievable. For the first time I am being praised as an actor. But then, if you have director like Subhash Kapoor, who dotes on his characters, the actor's job becomes a bit easier.

    You have done author-backed character roles so far, but Zilla Ghaziabad seems different. Your comments.
    I don't think 'author-backed' is the right term to use here. Even today, it is only the hero who gets an author-backed role. The other characters need to work around. It is only actors like Shah Rukh and Salman, who get roles written keeping them in mind.

    The role of Circuit is scripted keeping you in mind. What is your take on that?
    I still have a long way to go before such rumours turn reality. So far, none of the characters I have played so far, not even Babban's in Ishqiya, was written keeping me in mind. I had work my way to get under the skin of the characters and make them my own. And to answer your question, Circuit was not tailor-made for me.

    In Jolly LLB, you are the protagonist. A lot riding on this film?
    I just hope I don't get nominated for a supporting actor in this movie (laughs)! I think the audience would not mind seeing a little bit more of me. I am hoping the film does well.

    Are you hard to please when it comes to deciding on the scripts?
    Yes. I am not easily pleased. If I had a PR team, all you would get to hear would be the films I have refused. I will not do a crappy film even if I am paid handsomely. The script needs to stimulate me creatively.

    Is that the reason you started a production house in 2010?
    Yes, and I turned out to be a terrible producer. As of now, I am letting my manager produce the films. He is a better businessman. Also, I have too many acting commitments to concentrate on my production house right now.

    Usually the lawyers we see in Hindi cinema are stereotypes. How is Jolly LLB different?
    Yes, courtroom dramas are riddled with cliches. However, this film's trump card is its script.

    You have worked with Boman Irani in Munnabhai, how is your equation with him?
    He is fabulous actor and a good friend. I have immense respect for him but then if I have a scene where I need to abuse him, that is a part of my job and I go ahead with it.



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