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    Default Asin is the best seetee maar in town!

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    Among many other things (acting included) Asin’s a pucca professional when it comes to whistling. Yep, we mean the roadside Romeo seetee maar, types. And if her friends are to be believed, Asin is so good at it that she can give the boys a run for their seetees, too.

    Not just that, give her any tune, however complicated, and she will effortlessly whistle the tune for you. Apparently in the past, her directors have put her seetee skills to good use. So instead of the hero whistling at her, she whistles at the man. So cool, ain’t it? It’s kinda un-Bollywood like, but who cares, anyways, na? Here’s a seetee to that...Woo-hoo!



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