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    Seems like the Bollywood honeymoon is still not over for Asin, as the sinfully delicious actress seriously feels that actress can compete for the same roles and still be friends.

    After being in news for sharing a dozen SMS everyday with Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend Deepika Padukone, Asin is hitting the airwaves again for being buddies with Anil Kapoor’s little girl, Sonam.

    Being friends with Deepika and Sonam connects her with two of the most influential Kapoor clan of the Bollywood industry. Asin is a smart girl who knows to connect with the right people to move up in Bollywood.

    At 23; Asin may be young, but she is definitely not naïve. A superstar down south long before Deepika and Sonam even signed their first films; Asin has been doing movies ever since she was 15 year old. She is well aware that her competitions in Bollywood are the young breed of actress, not the established ones.

    All this talk of being friends with Deepika and Sonam, doesn’t go down too well if one remembers Asin’s spat with Genelia. Ms Congeniality Asin gets her claws out at the mention of Genelia.

    Ahem Like they say, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.


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