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    Default Asin JUMPS OUT of car to SAVE A CHILD

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    Well, actors do stunts all the time. And Asin did the same not very long ago and that too in real life.

    She saved a kid from getting trampled by a car on a busy road in Andheri.

    She was passing by in her car when she noticed a boy stuck right in the middle of a busy road. There were speeding cars passing by within inches of the kid, who reportedly seemed clueless as to what to do.

    Just as he was almost in front of a speeding vehicle Asin swung into action, walked into the middle of the road and hurriedly took the boy aside. But while doing so she lost her balance and fell down.

    She saved the boy but ended up with bruises on her arms. Currently she's sporting full sleeve dresses to conceal her bruises which are in the healing process.

    However playing down the incident, she says it's a personal matter.

    Well, this dame wants to be humble and good, much like her character in 'Ghajini'.



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