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    Default Asinís biggest Birthday surprise!!!

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    Asin is one lucky female, who got to spend her birthday with her friends and family members. Three of Asinís closest friends flew down from different parts of the world to be with her on her birthday on October 26.
    Says the actress, ďCan you believe it? Tanya from Liverpool, Rose from Australia and Priya from New York co-ordinated among themselves to be in Mumbai for my birthday. We go back a long way. We were in school together. It was my biggest surprise to see them here for my birthday.Ē
    For two full days Asin and her three pals whooped it up. ďMy friends decorated my entire apartment.Together with my parents they made my birthday so special. Itís very important to have your family and friends from outside the industry. This place can get lonely.Ē

    Asin is back in Mumbai and on the verge of signing some big Hindi films.

    ďItís ironical that my parents moved to Mumbai so I could pursue a career here. But now Iíve been out of Mumbai in recent months and they are alone in the city. Now Iím back. For good. During my birthday I make sure that Iím with my parents every year.Ē



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