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    Default Ash shies away from camera with her dupatta

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    It is not due to interference from media that Aishwarya Rai is trying skip from camera glance but due to her swollen lips. Recently, due to the severe throat illness she was drained down in fever for many days on her bed. Due to the overdose of antibiotics which Ash usually use to take before her shoot had left a negative impact on her face with swollen lips.

    She had already delayed the film shooting due to her fever but now with a determinant force Ash completed her shoot for the film. During the shoot of Vipul Shah’s ‘Action Replay’ at Manori Island, Ash most often used to keep her face veiled in dupatta to avoid the projection of her swollen lips. It is heard that the remaining portion of the movie was done with Ash’s face covered.

    Hope you get well soon and flicker your beautiful flashing smile on screen without dupatta.

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