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    Lightbulb Ash avoids Awards

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    [DOWN]The organizers of Filmfare Awrads have gotten into a tight spot with Bollywood's blue eyed diva and the Bachchan bahu, when a furious Aishwarya refused to attend their ceremony, much less give her committed performance on stage.

    Apparently the Bachan bahu is on a mission to gain an apology from the tabloids that started a fake rumour, claiming that the actress had tried, and failed, to get pregnant. As a family the Bacchans have since lashed out at the media and attempted to gain an apology for the irresponsible journalism. The tabloid in question has so far, refused. On his blog bigadda, Amitabh has admitted that there have a few private apologies expressed, but in return for this ugly public gimmick he shall accept nothing short of a public regret note.

    As it happens the very tabloid in controversy is also associated with the organizers of the Filmfare and despite making Ash an offer of 85 Lakhs to perform at the function, they stand boycotted by the entire Bachchan family.



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