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    Filmmaker Prashant Rasailly's second directorial venture "Kathaa" has been screened Sunday at the ongoing 14th edition of Mumbai Film Festival and he feels that there is no divide between arthouse and commercial cinema.
    He wrapped up "Kathaa" shooting within 14 days. Shot at 12,000 ft altitude in Gyantok, Sikkim, the horror movie stars Saugat Malla, Usha Rajak.
    "I personally feel that you can't completely separate art and commercial films nowadays. It's more of art - for artistic films your commerce is involved and you can make money out of it, so it becomes commercial."
    "I really don't have a clear picture about what is art and what is commercial at this time. If you make a good film, then any good film will do business. Artistic films can be commercial and commercial films can be made artistic," he added.
    Asked if he wants to make a typical commercial Bollywood film, he said: "I don't know what a typical Bollywood film is like as entertainment, comedy is there in each film. So if you talk about proper masala film right now, I am not much sure about that. But there is no harm in trying."
    "I think Bollywood films are entertaining millions of people. People like it, pay for it, so I think Bollywood has its own space," he added.
    Prashant, who hails from Sikkhim, debuted as a director with "Acharya", which was screened at the 13th edition of Mumbai Film Festival.
    He says it is very satisfying when his films are showcased at festivals.
    "Film festivals are good platform for people who have different least film festivals puts you somewhere," said the director who assisted Anurag Basu in "Kites".
    "At festivals if you are recognised, it is the satisfaction that you get from your work. But at the same time, you also have to get returns of whatever you have invested in your film...If you get that back, you will be happy," he added.



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