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    Default Why is Arshad Warsi mourning?

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    Look who’s still mourning the ouster of the Mumbai Indians from the just concluded IPL — ArshadWarsi.

    He said, “Last year, I was in a quandary. I wanted to support all the cricketers I know, but they were spread across the teams. Hence, my stand was that I will support the winning team. This time around I thought, let me focus on one team. And the obvious choice was the Mumbai Indians.” Ask him why and the actor explained, "First, I’m a bit of a loyalist and also, I like Sachin Tendulkar.” Arshad is however, quite disheartened that his team has been knocked out of the chase for the title. “I couldn’t believe they lost. I was shocked,” he said. Considering our Bollywood guys even get paid for supporting a team, maybe Arshad can offer his support to the team that offers him big bucks. Well that’s what the game is all about. We wonder who the actor will choose to support next season.



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