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    Default When Arshad Warsi jumped in polluted sea water in Hong Kong

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    Watching a comic film on the big screen is a laugh riot, however shooting for one is by no means a cake walk. Arshad Warsi learnt this the hard way recently while shooting for Indra Kumar's Double Dhamaal. The story goes like this, Arshad was required to do a stunt sequence which featured him taking a jump into the sea in Hong Kong and swimming a short distance.

    However, the problem is that the Hong Kong harbour is a highly frequented place and owing to the massive nautical traffic and thrown out pollutants, the water is unsuitable to be swimming in it. Though swimming is permitted, it is possible only after administering a medical shot to counteract the pollutants. However, Arshad thinking that a short swim could do no harm popped a few pills and took the plunge.

    It was only after boarding the boat did he realize the rashes that had developed on his skin. If that wasn't enough, the water of the harbour is known to be notoriously cold despite the pleasant whether on land. Fortunately, with medical attention the problem didn't aggravate.
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