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    Default Arjun and Ranbir make Prakash Jha work

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    The lengths to which directors have to go for their movies is sometimes unbelievable. But even Prakash Jha had never imagined he would have to do what he did for his Raajneeti actors, Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor, while they were filming a vital scene.

    The story goes that the cast and crew of the film were shooting in Bhopal for a very important sequence. The shot required the cast to be drenched in muddy water and colours. However Arjun and Ranbir, who are regular smokers, suddenly were desperate to have the cancer stick but realised they couldn’t because of the condition they were in. So when Prakash Jha called them to explain the next scene, the duo was not very attentive and seemed preoccupied.

    Finally, when J h a demanded to know what the matter was, they both explained that they could not pay attention because they were dying for a smoke. They even jokingly requested Prakash Jha to put in a smoking scene just so that they could smoke. Poor Prakash Jha ha no option but to hold the cigarette in his hands while they puffed away.” Ranbir was so happy that he got up and hugged Prakash Jha, ruining his clean clothes in the process.

    The source further adds, “All three of them still laugh about it. Prakash Jha now makes fun of Arjun and Ranbir over the incident whenever he recalls himself passing the cigarette from one to another. It was so funny, the whole unit was in splits.”

    When contacted Prakash Jha admitted, “Yes, they had mud all over them. They told me that if I don’t let them smoke, it would affect the shot. So, I had to...humko apne haathon se cigarette pilani padi.”



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