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    Arjun Rampal, who is shooting in London for Housefull, injured his back while working out in the gym. Says a source from London, "On Friday, he was doing squats in the hotel gym when he sprained a back muscle. He didn't pay any attention to it, and even shot that day. The following day, he went to a location one and a half hours away from his hotel. The car ride aggravated the condition so much that by the time he reached the set, he was in extreme agony and couldn't move." A doctor had to be called on the sets and Arjun was grounded for some time.

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    Arjun's pain was so bad that shooting had to be called off for a while. The source continues, "The doctor gave Arjun some painkillers after which he had to rest for some time. But he could only shoot some light stuff that too which didn't require much effort." Director Sajid Khan brushes off the injury with "It was a muscle pull, that's it. He was working out in the gym when he pulled a muscle. Now he's fine and we all shot yesterday."

    Arjun's wife, Mehr Jessia, is more forthcoming, "Arjun's had a back problem for a long time as a result of which he has joint and nerve problems which need to be treated. He developed it while doing some action sequence during his second film. Poor Arjun was in terrible pain but he's better now. I will be joining him in London on August 13."




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