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    Default Arjan gets a new haircut from the local barbers

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    We all know the lengths an actor can go to, to get the perfect look for his role. So no wonder then, when Director Maqbool Khan of the forthcoming ASA Production release LANKA wanted his actor Arjan Bajwa's look perfect to the T.


    So while the cast of the film was shooting in Bijnor the director went to the local barber and let him snip a few inches off his hair before Arjan got his manes chopped.
    Arjan Bajwa says, "It's true that my look in the film is not styled by some renowned hair stylist as happens in most of the films. I was scared and of course very reluctant of getting a hair cut at some local salon, but trust me this is one of my best haircuts and the experience was amazing. If it wasn't for the film I would have never done something like this," says Arjan.



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