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    Default Arbaaz loves to play pranks!

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    Arbaaz Khan took Prem Kaa Game co-star Madhurri Bhattacharya for a ride, quite literally.
    This happened at the filming of a fast-paced song for the movie. Arbaaz, who is a bike freak, pretended that he was paranoid about two-wheelers. As the cameras began to roll, a very hesitating Madhurri got behind Arbaaz who continued his act by telling her that she should pray that they survive the shot he was expected to speed down a steep slope.

    The poor girl was literally having a nervous breakdown as she clutched on to the amateur rider who was nervously racing his mean machine. But as the camera rolled, Arbaaz took off, cruising at top speed and in total control of the mean machine. It was only then that the actress heaved a much-needed sigh of relief.

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