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    Default Anushka Sharma unaffected by stardom

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    Actor Anushka Sharma has been in the news lately for her apparent weight-loss and of course, the countless link-ups. While she has clarified her stand about her body-structure, she does not entertain any talks about her link-ups. Ask her if constantly being in the limelight and being considered to be a youth icon is a responsibility in itself and she shoots back, “No, there is no responsibility.

    Not to me at least. It is my responsibility to lead a correct life. I am not a part of some superficial demands that people expect out of me. I do not want to be party to it. When I dress up, I go out because I feel happy. 20 people can think I look like crap, but If I like what I am wearing, then I don’t care. I dress up because it makes me feel good. I do not dress up for anyone. That is not a pressure because I don’t want to set an example for anybody to follow.”

    In fact she goes on to say that had she not been an actor she couldn’t care less about the way she looks and dresses up. “If I weren’t an actor I wouldn’t care the way I look. I wouldn’t brush my hair. Because I am an actor, I have a responsibility towards my work.Performances are given a lot of importance these days and looking the part is essential.”

    So does she believe in dressing up elaborately for events, with hair, make up, designer bags and high-heels in place? “Firstly, I have two designer bags. One I purchased and the other one has been gifted to me. I am not even fond of designer bags. I can afford to buy a designer bag, but I am not going to carry one all the time so that my young fans feel pressurised to buy one as well. I come from a middle class family and I know the pressures. I would not want to set that example. It is incorrect. Just because celebrities today are promoting a lot of things, does not mean I will promote the way I look. I will never sell my lifestyle to anyone.”
    ...being a human...



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