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    Default Anurag Basu's incognito appearance in Barfi

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    That director Anurag Basu is a closet-actor was proven when he played a pivotal role as a doctor in Onir’s I Am.

    But the fact that he has played a role in his own film Barfi came as a complete shocker. It was revealed by an actor in the film who said, “Anurag hasn’t told anyone about it. But he has done a role in Barfi. He appears in the sequence where Ranbir and Priyanka are traveling in an open truck. There is a man with his face covered sitting opposite the snoozing figure of Priyanka leering at her legs. The man leering at Priyanka’s legs is played by Anurag.”

    When questioned about it Anurag says, “I haven’t told anyone about it. It just happened. We needed a man of a certain age to be staring at Priyanka provoking Ranbir into an aggressive reaction. No one was willing to play the dirty man’s part. So I quickly wrapped a blanket to cover my face and played the role.”

    Anurag further reveals, “Actually I’ve made incognito appearances in almost all my films. But I am not telling you.”



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