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    Default Anurag Basu's Barfi in legal trouble

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    Anurag Basu's upcoming film Barfi starring Ranbir, Priyanka and Ileana has run into legal trouble with Mumbai-based company, Murphy Enterprises. Murphy Enterprises was behind the iconic Murphy radios of the post-Independence era. Apparently, the company has sent a legal notice to the producers of the film UTV Motion Pictures and Ishana Films, for copyright infringement of their registered trademarks without obtaining a NOC.

    The notice claims that the makers of the film have used 'Murphy', 'Murphy Radio' and 'Murphy Munna' in the title song as well as in the film without any written permission from the company. Apart from this they have also stated that if the notice is not taken seriously, the company will file a legal suit against the producers, bringing a stay on the film's release.

    The reason behind this notice as stated by Surjeet Kurup, the lawyer representing the company, is that the title song of the film not only is in violation of copyright but also shows the company in a bad way. Besides this he also claims that the story line of the film which revolves around the theme that the lady desires for a baby like Murphy Munna, which again is a registered trademark with the company. Further, Kurup adds that the makers have used the company trademarked names without acquiring an NOC.

    Murphy Enterprises have since issued a notice to the filmmakers and are intending to proceed to file a suit for injunction and damages for Rs 50 crore.

    While on the other hand, producers UTV maintains that they are clear that there has been no infringement whatsoever and are currently in the process of sending a response to the notice.



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