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    Default Annu Kapoor criticises Priyanka Chopra

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    Veteran actor Annu Kapoor believes in expressing exactly the way he feels it. The actor, who has portrayed an uncountable number of characters in the movies for over three decades, feels that Priyanka Chopra is unprofessional in nature. Now, that is one surprising allegation since Priyanka is hailed to be one of the finest actresses of her generation, and that’s exactly the reason why she has managed to surpass most of her contemporaries in becoming of the superstars of our film industry. Wish Annu Kapoor believed the same though.

    Priyanka might be hot property here, having worked with almost all the big banners of Bollywood, but Annu Kapoor has claimed that the actress was not really serious while filming ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’. The actor recently said in a recent interview that he has acted in many a movie in the 30 years of his career, and hence has shared the screen-space with the biggest of stars, but when he worked with PC in Vishal Bhardwaj’s film, he felt that Priyanka did not take the role seriously.

    Well, this latest development only tells us that there’s no love lost between the two actors. Annu Kapoor was quite vocal about Priyanka’s ‘starry airs’ when she had refused to kiss Annu on-screen for the same movie. Let’s see if Priyanka has anything to reply with, this time around.
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