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    Default Me Anna Hazare boltoy: Would the world of cinema also introspect?

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    Suddenly the Anna Hazare phenomenon has had a viral effect on the world of cinema and right from Aamir Khan to Rajnikant, from Anupam Kher to Monica Lall, from Kiron Kher to even Hrithik Roshan seems to have become its proponents. It is indeed infectious time for the world of cinema as creative people, if they contribute to the process of change triggered on the political landscape sway the public people to the cause in a much better manner.

    One need not go much far than West Bengal, where Mamta Banerjee could uproot a well entranced leftist government by cultivating support among the band of creative people. Incidentally, the creative community otherwise was a staunch supporter of Left parties in the state. Hollywood's luminaries are fighting all over the world for the cause of democracy and various other social and economic causes.

    But the Indian film industry fraternity takes its own time to associate with a particular social cause, more so with the Hindi film industry. Now that the major proponents of the film industry have overtly or covertly come out in support of Anna Hazare, it indeed is the opportune time to do some self-introspection as well.

    One point of introspection that needs to be pondered about is the manner of financing of the films, and the system of payments to all those associated with a film. A major portion of financing that is done in the film industry has a cash or kind component associated with it. If really, the industry is identifying with the cause that nation is right now grappling with, then why not start a movement in the industry itself of not paying or accepting any payment in cash or kind. While it would increase the tax burden, the tax so collected would augment the income of the exchequer and would be used for the cause of nation building. Besides, once the proper receipt based system of payment is introduced in the film industry, then the dread of tax reassessment and late night raids etc. could become a thing of the past.

    Another aspect that the industry urgently needs to address is the stigma of casting couch, which does the reputation of industry immense harm. May be the industry could take a vow not to allow anything like that to be in vogue henceforth.

    If these two small steps are initiated by the industry, it would indeed be a monumental service for betterment of the industry. Moot point is, whether the industry folks would listen?



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