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    Default Animals keep on visiting the sets of Ek Thi Dayan

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    Vishal Bhardwaj and Ekta Kapoor's forthcoming Emraan Hashmi-starerr Ek Thi Daayan, as the title suggests, is a spooky take on witches.
    However, director Kannan Iyer is surprised as the set in the Film City seems to have become a regular visiting ground for animals.

    When Kannan began shooting for the film at the studio that is a thickly populated forest area, for the first time, the set got infested with reptiles from nowhere. The entire set had to be cleaned up. That meant that a lot of time was wasted and the shoot got delayed.

    The snakes were followed by a leopard which made its way on to the sets. Forest officials had to be called in to finally trap the animal. Some days later, another leopard streaked in. He was found when the crew members had come on the sets early in the day. Naturally, the shoot had to be cancelled till the ferocious animal was taken away.

    To add to it, a few days later, a pack of monkeys came on the sets and created a lot of ruckus. Finally, extra security was called in to control them and get them out of the sets. The primates went away when shooed away but came in again after some time delaying the whole process again.

    Said CEO Of Balaji Motion Pictures, Tanuj Garg, “We had to call in extra security to get the monkeys out, but in a few minutes, they were back. There was some delay, but we couldn’t help it.”

    Filmcity is a popular shooting area for the film industry and no film set has ever such large number of visits from the animal kingdom.

    Keeping in mind the subject of the film which deals with the supernatural, and the eerie visits by the animals, the buzz is that there may be some kind of energy on the set that is inviting the animals.



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