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    Default Anil plans to make another women-centric film for Sonam

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    After the movie Aisha, actor Anil Kapoor is all set to make another women-centric film. The Bollywood star’s next will be directed by none other than his younger daughter Rhea. The interesting aspect of the film is that his elder daughter Sonam Kapoor is likely to play the female protagonist in it. Sonam is still trying to find her footing in Bollywood and another film with her father Anil Kapoor would only help her!

    The father-daughter duo paired up together last time for Aisha starring Abhay Deol, which was produced by Anil. The film was based on the famous British novel Emma. Aisha tanked at the box office but that has not deterred the 52-year-old actor from taking his chances and making films on subjects that are close to his heart.

    Addressing the Lavasa Women’s Drive event in Mumbai yesterday, Anil Kapoor revealed his plans about doing another woman-oriented film. “And again, I am making another women-centric film and very soon you will hear about it. Rhea is working and developing the script,” PTI quotes Anil as saying. When asked about the lead, he said, “It depends upon Rhea as she is very particular about casting. If she feels Sonam is the right choice, then she would be there.”

    Anil Kapoor added, “Women-centric films need to be made in Bollywood. I myself made a woman centric film like ‘Aisha’ and I am very happy and proud of that. I have worked in quite a few women oriented films. I have been very proud and honored. I think we leading men must support and encourage women oriented films. I see that leading men are not very happy being part of women oriented films. And the best films made in our country including Mother India was a female centric film, and even till today the film is remembered.”

    Anil Kapoor had produced Aisha in 2010 with his younger daughter Rhea. The movie, which was based on the 1815 British novel Emma, starred Sonam and Abhay Deol in lead roles. But the had not fared well at the box office. However, the actor-turned-producer is not bothered about the failure.

    However, Lavasa Women’s Drive is aimed at spreading awareness about cervical cancer this year. Talking about it, Anil Kapoor said, “When a girl or woman crosses the age of 20, they should undergo constant check-ups. If cancer is detected early, it can be eradicated and this is the kind of awareness we all need to spread. This would stop and control cancer. I feel lot of women in the interior parts of this country need to be educated and made aware, about cancer than women living in metro cities.”



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