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    Default Anil Kapoor turns a year older

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    Anil Kapoor turns a year older today, 24 December. Looking back he feels he has spent his entire life working hard. ďI try my best to do the right thing. Age is just a number. Staying healthy and fit is just a matter of discipline. Recently I had the good fortune of meeting the Dalai Lama. I felt so cleansed! Just listening to him is such an enriching experience. What he said was, how you feel and choose to live are all up to you. If you lie to yourself and to others, youíre bound to be unhealthy. At 82, look how radiant the Dalai Lama looks. Iíd love to look as radiant when I reach that age. Positivity has always been my mantra for existence.Ē

    At 54, Anil is very careful about his eating habits.

    Says the frugal eater, ďI never touch the samosas. But I love the upper-crust. I donít have the filling. People say I look like a samosa without the filling. Iíve worked to stay slim. Iíve never been a red-meat eater. I eat frugally and carefully. But I do indulge myself. Thereís nothing I havenít done in my life. I can gorge on forbidden food any time. But I admit I make a lot of culinary sacrifices. One has to give up some pleasures to achieve what one wants to.Ē

    Anil has never shied away from hard work. ďIt seems like Iíve been working all my life. And thatís the way I like it. Iíve always gone by instinct. For example I was offered television in the West, with big money. But I seriously wasnít tempted. Come to think of it, Iíve always wondered why others get big money while Iíve to work my ass off to make a decent living! Nothing has come easy to me. Iíve slogged for everything Iíve got. And thatís the way I want it.Ē

    Anil welcomed the struggle that comes with success. ďI never wanted anything to come easily to me. Itís not hard work. Itís working to my optimum capacity. When I see people like Tom Cruise and Amitabh Bachchan Saab I feel I donít work hard at all. When I see Salman Khan and how hard he works on his body I want to work harder on my body. Look at how hard Hrithik and Ranbir work. The strength of the mind and body is illimitable. We are never able to achieve the optimum.Ē

    Anil now wants to work towards a six-pack physique. ďI never had a paunch. But regrettably I never had a six-pack either. Hopefully with my sonís help Iíll get there too. In the meanwhile Iíve lost a lot more weight recently for 24. I am more agile and flexible and leaner .Iíve lost 6 Kilos.Ē



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