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    Default Anilís a changed man

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    Ever since Anil Kapoor over-enthusiastically did an impromptu Lakhan-kinda jig at the Oscars, heís not heard and seen the end of it.

    But we must say kudos to olí AK; for, the man is one helluva sport. (A far-cry from the cry-baby he used to be.)
    In Macau, as part of an awards presentation act, hosts, Boman Irani and Ritiesh Deshmukh, did a spoof on Anilís Oscar act. The best part is that AK was present at the shindig. And even if he was annoyed, his face didnít show it.

    And when he came on stage, he imitated Bomanís continuous jibes at the way he speaks by imitating himself and screaming, ĎFannnntastick, Sooperbbbbí in his trademark boastful tone. So, Anil has learnt to be a cool dude too Ė all thanks to international exposure? Or a super cool daughter like Sonam?



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