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    Default Anees Bazmi to sue news channel for defamation

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    Even as you read this, Anees Bazmi’s lawyer B B Tiwari is getting ready to file criminal and civil cases against a channel (CNN-IBN) for what Anees alleges is a tampered broadcast on the channel of an alleged confession on Tuesday night regarding the exchange of black money in film production.

    Anees alleges his voice has been tampered with. “I’ve just said two lines. The rest is all doctored.”

    Anees further states, “This is nothing but an attempt to target the film industry in an underhand manner. I am seen discussing the monetary aspect of film production. But I am a director and no expert on financial matters. Yes, I’m seen in the so-called expose. But if you listen carefully they’ve dubbed my voice with someone else’s. My voice is there for just a few lines.

    According to the sting operation I am supposed to be part of a proposal to set up production with newcomers. But it’s well known in the industry that I don’t work with newcomers. The TV crew that came to me has been after me for six months for an interview. Frankly, they didn’t look like financiers to me. I was with writer Rajiv Kaul when the crew came for two minutes in a coffee shop. I was with them for exactly two minutes.”

    Three years ago Anees had filed civil and criminal cases against two news channels for defamation. He’s now doing the same with CNN-IBN. “What they’ve done is fraudulent. They’ve fudged my voice. I’ve asked my lawyer to file appropriate cases. I am determined to take action and see it to the end.”



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