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    Default Amrita's 'curvy' way ahead!

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    We spotted Amrita Rao
    at a resto-bar in South Mumbai, and we donít know what the fashion gurus have to say, but our verdict is that the gal

    looked hottt!

    Sheís surely taken her ***y avatar seriously, and we think it will be a Ďcurvyí (pun intended) way ahead for this babe. Well, it was about time, wasnít it? The gal was quite a head-turner that night. With just a healthy glass of water and healthier veggie sushi in her plate, we donít know what looked more delectable.

    Lol! Donít worry gal, munch on. With that lean frame of yours, the weight ainít going anywhere. Not to the bod, at least! Uh, huh!



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