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    Default Amrita Shakeel Ladhak honeymoon cancelled

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    Changing Course: Amrita and Shakeel Ladhak at their reception last week.

    The newlyweds are off for a Hawaiian honeymoon instead

    Newlyweds Amrita and Shakeel Ladhak were to head to Mexico for their honeymoon on March 14.

    The couple had to cancel their plans following an all-out clash between the drug cartels there and the Mexican government.

    Mex cancelled!

    Says a source close to Amrita, "Amu and Shakeel had planned a 15-day honeymoon. They were to leave on March 14, go to New York and head to Mexico from there.

    However, due to escalating drug violence in the last week, their plans stand cancelled. Amrita has been to most European cities, so she wanted to either go to Mexico or Hawaii places she's never been to before."

    Their families have been advising them against going to Mexico. "Finally yesterday, both Shakeel and Amu decided they would fly to New York and then go to Hawaii or some other place rather than risk their lives going to Mexico."

    The source adds, "Shakeel and Amu chose Mexico for its rugged western beauty and spicy cuisine.

    In fact they had even made arrangements to stay at a traditional Mexican ranch; where they could go horse riding and ranch trekking.

    Shakeel had planned their stay in Mexico as a surprise for Amrita. Funnily enough, she just knew they were going there."

    Adds the source, "Right now, Amu is recuperating from a severe bout of flu and stress brought about by her wedding last week.

    Today she will shoot for the Pantaloon campaign and then leave on Friday for her honeymoon. She will return to Mumbai and resume dubbing for Sajid Nadiadwala's Kambakht Ishq and shooting for Season's Greetings.

    Amrita has decided not to give up her acting career after her marriage and Shakeel's family has been very supportive about it.

    Amu will sign good banners and films that offer her good roles. She will also continue with her endorsements and shows."

    What's happening in Mexico?

    Drug cartel-fuelled violence has turned into war in Mexico, with thousands of deaths and the government battling well-armed gangs whose military-grade weapons come mostly from US dealers.

    Two years ago, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon declared war on the country's powerful drug cartels the main suppliers of cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine to the United States.

    In response to the government's assault, the drug cartels have been fighting back hard and the lives of the citizens of Mexico are at risk.

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    thanks suhaani.....

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    Lol hawai is better

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    Hawaii is better lol



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