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    Thumbs up Amitabh Bachchan wears the TV tycoon garb

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    April 2 marked Amitabh Bachchan’s first day of shoot for Ram Gopal Varma’s Rann. Amitabh plays Harshvarshan Malik, the founder of the first private news channel in India. The entire cast and crew of Rann stood frozen in silence for a very long time after Amitabh’s television speech was shot.According to co-artistes on the sets, Amitabh read and analysed the TV script based on communal riots, before adding his own lines. The speech was originally written by Rohit Banwalikar. Explaining the situation on the sets after Amitabh finished the shot, Varma said, “Mr Bachchan saw and absorbed the dialogues. He loved the emotional plea against violence and spontaneously added his own thoughts to it.
    The end result was magnificent. Every time I work with him, I feel I am discovering new facets to his personality. This man is unbelievable.”Harshvarshan Malik’s character requires Amitabh to bring forth his Hindi oratory skills. “Besides possessing the best voice in the business, Mr Bachchan’s big advantage is that he’s equally brilliant with Hindi and English.He has also sharpened his powers of expression through his blog. So now when we shot a sequence where he was supposed to speak on a social issue he just let it flow,” said Varma.
    Confirming the story, Amitabh said, “The speech was strictly for the camera. I’m working on the RGV film where I play the owner of channel called 24/7. But public issues? No thanks!”

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