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    Default Amitabh Bachchan: My sitar, my sarod, my piano and me…

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    Drawing close to his 70s, Amitabh Bachchan is still bubbling with energy and enthusiasm. The actor has decided to give a new turn to his life by learning sitar and sarod.
    “Okaay! So am getting into the business of acquiring a sitar and a sarod soon enough so I may have the pleasure to be pulling a few strings!!” Amitabh Bachchan wrote on his blog
    “These are times I shall look forward to… my sitar, my sarod, my piano and me… sounds like the title of a really bad book or movie!
    “But… though I may be able to learn the instruments now, just the fact that I shall be holding them and pretending to be some great master, shall indeed be of a great interest and value to me,” he added.
    Big B has a certain call for music. In fact, when he played the role of a singer in his 1973 film, ‘Abhimaan’, many of his fans were totally convinced that he had actually played the sitar in the film.
    “In the early days of mine in the film industry, someone took pictures of mine holding or playing a sitar, I think as property for the decoration of the walls of the sets of our film ‘Abhimaan’ …
    “Now no one is willing to believe that I do not play the sitar… ‘stop trying to kid us Mr B, we’ve seen pictures of yours with the sitar” ! What does one say to such a misconception !” he posted.

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