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    Default There can never be another Amitabh Bachchan: Abhishek Bachchan (Interview)

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    Abhishek Bachchan has come a long since his Refugee days. A man of conviction, he recently entered the 100 crore club with his stellar performance in Bol Bachchan. Now a father, he says that life has changed for better. In a candid chat with us, junior Bachchan talks about work, life, daughter and more. Read onÖ

    This year you turned 37. How does it feel to be older?

    Itís no different from 35 or 36. I am still doing what I love doing the most. I still shoot my films the whole day and then return to my family.

    Now there is more in the family?

    Yes, Aaradhya is the centre of our universe. Sheís a wonderful child. All credit to Aishwarya for being a terrific mother.

    Has fatherhood changed you?

    Of course it has! Bringing a child into the world changes all your priorities. I am sure every parent would agree.

    Are you now more eager to reach home than you used to be?

    I wouldnít say that. It would be very unfair to the rest of the family. But yes, Iíve one more reason to reach home quickly.

    Youíve recently joined the 100-crore club with Bol Bachchan. Does that give you a sense of renewed self-confidence?

    It doesnít matter which club an actor belongs to. He still approaches every role with the same trepidation and waits with fingers crossed for the audiencesí verdict. I donít think reaching the 100-crore mark is a signal for any actor to get more confident. I think the 100-crore club is the new substitute for what the silver or golden jubilee used to be in Paaís times.

    Many times the films that make it into the 100-crore club are the least deserving of the their success?

    I think thatís very unfair. At the end of the day if a film does well it means the audience wanted to see that film. How can we question the audiencesí tastes? Sometimes we forget that cinema is about entertainment. Itís about giving people their moneyís worth. And the audiencesí tastes shouldnít be undermined. I understand cinema is an art form. But audiences spend their hard-earned money on seeing films. If they are entertained by a film we are no one to question their choice. And look at the diversity of movies that have done well recently.

    Generally the films that do well are devoid of aesthetics?

    No, I disagree with you.

    So are you doing more films with the president of the 100-crore club Rohit Shetty?

    Well, Bol Bachchan was my second film with Rohit and Ajay Devgn. I was in Rohitís first film Zameen which also starred Ajay. Itís a joy to work with them. Iím thankful to both for thinking of me for giving me Bol Bachchan. I had a ball doing it.

    How tough was it doing comedy in Bol Bachchan?

    Very very tough. As an actor I had to depend entirely on the written word. In a dramatic performance you can depend on your silences to see you through. Not in a comedy. All the humour comes from the spoken word. My only proof that my performance was working was my crew and others on the sets. They seemed to be enjoying what was going on.

    Are you excited about Dhoom 3?

    Oh yes. Itís shaping up very well. Weíre bang in the middle of the shoot. And it would be releasing for Christmas this year. And I am excited. Dhoom is like coming home for me. Itís wonderful to be back in the franchise with Uday Chopra.

    In fact, you and Uday are the only constant actors in the series?

    In all modesty, I donít think there would be a Dhoom without a Jai and an Ali. So going into another Dhoom film is like continuing with the adventures of Jai and Ali. And this time weíve the pleasure of welcoming Aamir into the Dhoom fold. I am very excited to be working with him for the first time. I am very happy to be working with him. The whole process of watching him at work is very enriching.

    Youíre also part of Dostana 2?

    Yes, it starts later during the year. Director Tarun Mansukhani has finally cracked the script. And weíre all very happy with it. I appreciate the effort that Karan Johar and Tarun have out into ensuring the sequel moves ahead of the first film. When a film is as successful as Dostana it is very tempting to follow it up quickly with a sequel. But history has taught us to be very careful about the sequel. One canít just cash in on the success of the first film. I really laud Tarun for patiently working on the sequel for five years until he got it right. There was a time three years ago when we thought we had cracked the sequel. But it didnít work out. But Tarun was determined to get it right. Thereís no point in doing it otherwise.

    How tough is it for you as a heterosexual man to pretend to be gay in Dostana?

    Isnít that what acting is all about? Iíve played a thief, a thug, a politician, a freedom fighter. I am none of these.

    What would be the USP of Dostana 2?

    That Tarun, Karan, John and Abhishek are back together. Trust me, itís a really funny script. And I always believe that the script is king.

    Youíve done dark-toned film and now youíre doing lighter ones. Which is easier?

    I find every kind of film equally challenging. Each time I push myself harder.

    Can we hope to see you and your dad together again soon?

    Most certainly. Weíre both very conscious of the fact that all our films together have been successful. But we canít fall back on the success ratio of our films together. We want to do a film that would inspire both of us.

    Which is your favourite film with your Dad?

    Iíve enjoyed each and every moment with him on camera. Iíve learnt so much from just sharing camera space with him. I canít wait to work with him again.

    Your journey from Refugee to Bol Bachchan, has it been tough?

    I donít think it has been a specially troublesome journey. Every actor goes through his share of hiccups. Why should it be any different for me? The fact that Iím still around after 13 years means Iím doing something right.

    What about choosing wrong scripts and rejecting right ones like Lagaan and Saathiya?

    The past is better left where it is. Iíve no regrets. And by the way, I think Iíve a very good script sense. Sometimes you do a film for emotional reasons. I agree I should be ruthlessly professional. But I am not. And I am not making apologies for it. I guess the way I work makes me who I am. I donít regret doing any of the films of Iíve done. Iíve always worked from my heart. That works for me.

    Besides Aishwarya who have been your favourite co-stars?

    John and Uday. Jokes aside Iíve enjoyed working with each and every one of my co-stars. By the grace of God Iíve so far not had one unpleasant experience.

    That says more about you?

    If you say so.

    When do we get to see Aishwarya and you together again?

    Very soon, I hope. I really enjoy working with her. We get a lot fan-mail asking us to be together again on screen. Weíd be more than glad to get together.

    What plans for your production house AB Corp Ltd?

    Weíve just released a Gujarati film Saptapadi. But that was my motherís baby. I am sure weíd be producing films where I can express my own impulses as an actor. This is a very exciting time to be an actor.

    Your dad is going great guns at 70. What do you think youíd be doing at that age?

    I hope at 70 Iíd be spoken about in a similar manner as he. But there can never be another Amitabh Bachchan. His preparation and dedication took him where he is. We can only emulate him. Give our hundred percent to our work.

    Did you watch him on Kaun Banega Crorepati?

    Oh, religiously. His connectivity with people is spontaneous. Iíd also like to consider myself a peopleís person. I donít have a problem with my social skills. I am very comfortable around people. And I like them to be comfortable with me.



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