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    Cool amesha patel and rakhi sawant war

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    Actor Ameesha Patel may be flying high these days... what else can one expect when you have a London-based industrialist for a boyfriend, huh? But then yet again, in spite of this classy, illustrious dil ka connection , Patel finds herself being compared to the likes of Rakhi Sawant. And that, she's not too happy with!

    It's the mad New Year's Eve fiasco that has got B-wood in a flurry. Who is charging how much for a performance this festive season is the big question... And the buzz doing the rounds is that the bold and entertaining Rakhi is being paid more to shake her booty than our sophisticated, suave Amy baby!

    This rumour has affected Ameesha quite a bit. 'After all she's in the big league, working with Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, Saif...' says a friend of the actor's, 'So she being paid less than Rakhi sounds so far fetched!' How far these actors will go and how much they'll fetch, we don't know dearies! But the mull over the moolah is here to stay, as the cats do their clawing and pawing for their share of the performer's pie!

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