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    Default I am a self-confessed plagiarist: Pooja Bhatt

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    With the third installment of the erotic thriller, Pooja Bhatt completes a hattrick of 'inspired' films and defends the industry's lack of originality

    It's been only days since the first promo of Murder 3 was released. And since then Pooja Bhatt has been under fire from cine fans for what they think are uncanny similarities between the third installment of the erotic thriller franchise and a certain Spanish film La Cara Oculta. But rather than let the controversy simmer and haunt her, the filmmaker, speaking to a few mediapersons at the music launch of her film confessed: The film is indeed 'inspired' by La Cara Oculta.

    "Before I am accused of plagiarism, let me make it clear, Murder 3's core idea is borrowed from the Spanish film, but we have Indianised it," she said, adding, "I am a self-confessed plagiarist... in this century when you cannot hide what you have stolen, one should have the virtue to confess."

    Well, the similarities don't just end there. The poster of the film is an exact rip-off of Jennifer's Body, a 2009 film about a cheerleader who turns into a killer.

    But the Bhatts are not really known for originality. Murder was said to be 'inspired' by Unfaithful, while Murder 2 had Korean roots. This time Pooja claims she has a 'legit' inspiration.

    We are given to believe that the Spanish original had plenty of skin show, something which drew the team to the film which deals with a rich man's missing girl friend and some mysterious goings-on at his mansion.

    Even the 'original' does not sound too original, does it?



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