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    Default I am Romantic Person : Ranbir Kapoor

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    Ranbir Kapoor said that he is Damn Good Actor. "i have never taken failure to heart or success to head. The process is more important. I have lives with the principle", says Ranbir Kapoor. He said that he was very mediocre in School, in fact below average in Studies, Sports, Dramatics. He was very Shy and not a confident kid.
    "I really have much Arrogance to say that I am damn good Actor. I don't consider myself good looking, Heart throb material or any of that. But i know as far as acting is concerned, I am talented", said Ranbir.
    "For me, it all looks like there is some drama happening around me. People screaming my name. Every time I sign an Autograph, as much as it makes the other person happy, it makes me happy as well. When somebody doesn't take my autograph i felt bad. I want to be Important. I want the entire world to know me and see me.", Ranbir added.
    Ranbir said that he is romantic person but not in the Archies Gallery. He beline it has to be just friendship with the person I love and being able to be myself.



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