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    Default I am not returning to films: Saeed Akhtar Mirza

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    Director Saeed Akhtar Mirza, who gave Hindi cinema gems like Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai and Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro, has no desire to return to filmmaking.

    The 69-year-old writer-filmmaker has made a TV serial Yeh Hai India Meri Jaan that is a compilation of his travel experiences and his encounter with people from different walks of life, but Mirza, who quit filmmaking after making Naseem in 1995, says it is not an indication that he is back in business.

    "I quit filmmaking after making Naseem in 1995 because I was sad with the death of poetry in our country at that time. And this show does not mean that I am back in the business because I can't see myself engaging with the medium again," Mirza said.

    Mirza is currently working on a play. He has already written Ammi: Letter to a Democratic Mother and The Monk, the Moor and Moses ben Jalloun.

    "I go to this run-down bar near my home in Goa, write there and watch the sunset and comeback home. I am working on a play which is a dialogue between two ancient mathematicians of India -- Aryabhatt and Brahmagupta. They are debating about the nature of the stars. I want to connect it to our times. It demands a lot of research but I am happy working on it," he said.

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