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    Default I am not interested in losing weight: Huma Qureshi

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    Huma Qureshi's one-year old Bollywood career is thriving anyway, she tells TOI

    Huma Qureshi's Lucknow visit on Monday had her sample the city's way of life first hand - from riding a rickshaw to frying some kebabs in old Lucknow!

    The girl, who's done some unconventional roles in Gangs Of Wasseypur (GOW) 1 and 2, and Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, comes across every bit as bindaas in real life as in reel.

    Talking about both parts of GOW, Huma says, "Jitni galiyan maine apni movies mein suni hain, utni real life mein kabhi na di, aur na hi suni. Having been born and brought up in Delhi, of course I am used to a few well-known gaalis, but yeh Bihar ki gaaliyan toh Delhi ki galiyon se bahut aage hain!"

    But all thanks to these unconventional roles, Huma is now getting some really different scripts to read. "A lot of scriptwriters have come to me and said that we have written this script keeping you in mind. It feels great that only a year old in Bollywood, I have people around me who are writing stuff exclusively for me," she shares excitedly.

    But everything comes with a price. "Not everyone around me is able to digest this newly found fame and I get to hear some really weird stuff about myself," she adds.

    Like? "Like my dad, who is a restaurateur and owns a chain of restaurants in Delhi, is financing all my movies. What rubbish! Why on this earth would my dad finance my movies?" she replies, "Nobody is ready to see how I have struggled in the past before entering Bollywood. I used to do theatre non-stop in Delhi. And that's what has helped me hone my acting skills," she rues.

    While her dad might not be the reason she's in films, he is definitely the reason for how big a foodie she is! "I grew up with good food all around me, I just can't resist it and this is the reason behind my weight gain. But I am seriously not interested in losing weight. I just want to stay fit and I gym regularly for that. And I don't think my weight will ever be a problem in my Bollywood career. Cinema today has changed. Real actresses, who can actually act, are in demand. You have Vidya Balan and Sonakshi Sinha as prime examples. It is only acting that matters, not the figure," she stresses.

    And though she loves to eat, Huma says she can't cook at all. "And why should I? A foodie doesn't need to be a good cook!" she retorts, and goes on to add, "I have a lot of people around me to cook for me and my guests."



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