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    Default I am free to do what I want without any restrictions: Sunny Leone

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    She is an absolute seductress and a stunning looker. Yes, we are talking about Sunny Leone who gained prominence in the Indian entertainment space with her stint in Bigg Boss. Later she went on to enthrall masses in Jism 2 and she will again stun everyone in Ragini MMS 2.

    We cornered the beautiful lady for a candid chat. Read onÖ

    What is it like being a porn star?

    I believe I lead my life just the way I want to. I am free to do what I want without any restrictions.

    Are you recognized on the road back home in Canada?

    Not when I am without make-up. Only when Iím all dressed up with my hair and make-up.

    You made a conscious choice to be an adult actress. What was your parentsí reaction to your career choice?

    I informed my parents after I won the Penthouse cover-of-the-year and 100,000 dollars. It was impossible to keep it a secret. How would they react? Obviously there was a confrontation between us. They were upset at first. Eventually they came to terms with the fact that it is what Iíve chosen to do with my life. With time they came to know Iím still their daughter, still the same person.

    Youíre truly blessed to have such understanding parents.
    Yes, I am.

    While you were inside the Bigg Boss house your ex-fiance Matt Erikson apparently released your first adult-film together without your consent?

    I am not sure about what has actually happened. But in the adult industry there are certain rules that must be followed. If for some reason he has released content that he does not own, then there is an issue.

    Was your parting with Matt unpleasant?

    We didnít see eye-to-eye. It didnít work out. I am a happy person today. Iím a better wise person today. I know exactly what I want in a man now.

    What do you want in a man?

    Exactly what I have in Daniel (Weber). He is everything that I could ever imagine. We own a business together.

    Do you hope to marry this guy?

    Over and over again.

    Who among the Indian actresses do you find beautiful?

    I think Aishwarya Rai is absolutely gorgeous.

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