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    Default I am not fond of vegetarian food - Asin

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    There was a time when I was a hardcore non-vegetarian. I stayed in Kerela, with my parents and dad would go hunting for animals and birds. My mom would then cook the game with lots of spices and we would invite guests over for dinner.

    I have tasted all sorts of animals starting from bats, snakes and frogs. When young, you trust what your parents give you to eat and I used to feast on all these animals cooked by my mother. She had a special recipe for each meat.

    I am not fond of vegetarian food. My mother would force me to eat vegetables. Now I realise vegetables are good for health, skin and hair so I eat a lot of them. I have reduced my meat intake over the years. Now itís only fish and chicken that I eat. During my stay in Kochi, I gorged on sea food.

    My mother is an amazing cook and she makes a watermelon jam thatís my all time favourite and was a hit with my classmates in school.

    Nuts are my comfort food, I eat them throughout the day. Wherever I go, I generally carry a box of nuts and food made by my mother. I love to eat chocolates but I donít keep them at home as I easily get tempted to eat a lot of them.

    My mother is a doctor and she takes good charge of my daily diet. She never stocked up on ice creams, chocolates or colas in the house, when I was a kid. There wasnít much temptation in the house. All I got was ghar ka khana. I have never seen my mother add sugar to our food because it is called white poison in Ayurveda. She substituted sugar with jaggery or honey. The strangest combination that I love to eat is chapati and curd.

    When it comes to international cuisine I swear by Chinese food. Whenever in Hyderabad, I go to Mainland China. Itís one of my favourite hangout spots. But I feel Indian food is the best with its variety and amazing range of spices. You canít find this anywhere else in the world. I donít like food that is bland, so when abroad I generally stick to Thai or Chinese food. I love Thai food because it is spicy and the red and green curry are similar to our preparations.

    I canít resist typical Punjabi food especially mutton roghan josh and aloo paratha. Kashmiri food is also yummy. I love this special dish called rishta, spicy mutton balls in red sauce. Once, I had the opportunity to taste Wazwan dinner in Kashmir, which is a grand thirty-course meal with lots of meat in all the dishes. The experience was amazing.

    As far as street food is concerned, I am a big pani puri fan. While shooting for Ghajini in Mumbai, I would often go out and eat pani puri. I also love Andhra pickle. Since I eat spicy food, I drink a lot of water as it flushes out the toxins. I avoid keeping anything that is tempting and high in calories in my fridge, to keep my weight under control.

    However, I feel Kerela food is the healthiest among all Indian food. A typical Kerala meal includes a lot of curd and brown rice, which is much better than the polished Basmati rice.Ē

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