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    He cancelled his Friday lunch appointment with Media— “I have got a migraine attack”— and said he wanted to 'catch up for dinner'. Probably it was the sumptuous meal that made the otherwise shy Prateik open up to Media.

    Let us start with your forthcoming film Ek Deewana Tha…
    ETD is a cute film. I play a Maharashtrian guy who aspires to be a filmmaker. Amy Jackson plays a Malayali Christian. The film has a very real romance.

    Didn’t the real romance on celluloid become a bit too real?
    Amy and I are very close. I share everything with her. But we are still not dating each other per se. I am trying to be a good host and tour guide to her.

    What would you say about your last film My Friend Pinto?
    People still ask me about the film’s release date (laughs). A few of my scenes were edited and I got a lot of flak for it. We actors had no clue how the final film looked and we were still promoting it. When we saw it, we were rather disappointed. Sanjay Leela Bhansali seemed a little disinterested in the project. He would come on the sets only when the songs were shot. Never for the scenes. And eventually he had stopped coming.

    Will you work with Bhansali again?
    Depends. I have a standard approach. If the storyline and script connect...

    How’s your relationship with your father?
    Normal. Working dad. Working son. We don’t have too much time to spend with each other (pauses).

    Your dad is penning a book to counter the allegations against him about spending less time with you during your formative years…
    I am curious about the book. As a kid, I didn’t get to see my parents together. It will be like a fairytale to me.

    Many people think you are 'lost' most of the time. What do you keep thinking about?
    Earlier, I used to feel awkward in a crowd. People looking at me with wide-open eyes make me nervous.

    But your step-brother calls you Casanova…

    I wish he was right. I like women. I am straight. But no, I am not a Casanova, I am a simple 25-year-old guy.



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