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    Default Al Pacino to act in Hindi film?

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    Television actor Amit Sarin, who also owns a production house with wife Vineesha Arora, is apparently planning a film with Hollywood actor Al Pacino.

    The couple recently returned from the US, where they had gone to meet the Oscar-winning actor to read out the script. It is learnt that Vineesha worked on eight drafts of the script before she was confident enough to approach Pacino.

    When contacted, Amit, who calls the venture Vineesha's dream project, said that it took a while for the feeling to sink in, "That I met Al Pacino", whom he considers "God of cinema".

    Conceding that he also realised that one should not stop dreaming, he says, "It's madness that makes us follow our dreams. I believe that's how dreams come true."

    The couple is also working towards setting up a branch of their production house in Los Angeles as they're also planning another project there. Amit declined to reveal more details till things are finalised.



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