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    Default Akshay's 'Special' heroine Kajal speaks up

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    She is a superstar down South but that hasn't made Kajal Aggarwal project herself as someone who is over pricey when it comes to picking up Bollywood projects. Happy to be a perceived as a pretty face who can hold herself well in and out of a macho action film like Singham, Kajal is now excited to find a place in an Akshay Kumar starrer where there are as many as 'chabbis' men who are 'special'.

    Laughs Kajal, "I like the way you put that but then look at it this way, I am the only girl in the film. Now doesn't that make me special as well? On a serious note, If I am convinced about the story and the director, I go for a film regardless of how much screen space is offered to me and whether my role is meaty enough or not. I am doing well for myself in South. Now if a Bollywood film like Special Chabbis is giving me good visibility, I am happy about that as well."

    She did gain good enough visibility with Singham, where she enjoyed a couple of mandatory love songs, a few comic scenes and a key dramatic sequence as well.

    "My songs from the film are still playing on television and there has been continued appreciation which is heartening", says Kajal, "Now I know it is time to move on to the next level because there is added responsibility on my shoulders. I have to work harder now but that doesn't mean I have to lose my sleep over picking up on those films where I am seen from start till the end."

    While this indeed seems like a fair move on her part as a decision like this is expected to keep her in good circulation before far meatier roles come calling. Wasn't she initially hurt when many called her as 'just a pretty face' in Singham? After all Ajay went away with the credit and now Akshay could well be walking away with the honors in Special Chabbis.

    "Thank you so much for calling me a pretty face at the least. I am flattered", laughs Kajal, "Come on, everyone was aware that Singham was an Ajay Devgn film. It was an action affair and he was supposed to be there in practically every scene. Now if someone says that Ajay walked away with the honours then isn't that true? As for me, I gave the film my 100% and did well in what was expected from me. Beyond that if someone indulges in any loose talk then frankly, I don't care."

    What she did care though was her morphed semi nude pictures that had made it to the cover of a reputed fashion magazine. Though the incident has been buried over a period of time, the scars still remain.

    "I think it was pretty disgusting and cheap of the magazine to stoop down to such a low level", Kajal sounds a little irate for the first time, "My fans have always seen a particular kind of body of work from me. They know what I can or cannot do. My stand is quite clear about the extent to which I can go in the world of glamour. Chalo theek hai, yeh sab bhi dekh liya. It was a lesson learnt."

    Well Kajal, here is hoping that it was last of such ugly lessons that you learnt in your eventful career so far



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