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    Default Akshaye Khanna: Good looks are not my priority

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    Akshaye Khanna who rarely comes out in the open to talk about his personal or professional life has for once broken this rule.

    The actor who recently completed 15 years in Bollywood has his own take on Bollywood and its workings. While most of the actors might be spending hours in the gym to portray an onscreen role, Akshaye begs to differ. For him the intensity of the act is more important than mere looks. In his words, 'Good looks are not my priority at the moment. My focus is choosing a good role.'

    Ask him about his logic behind doing very few films, pat comes the reply, 'I can't do a film merely for its commerce. It needs to have an engaging content that will ignite the passion in me as an actor. If I am not doing films, I love to be in my own space and I really don't care whether I am being reported by the press or not.'



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