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    Default Akshay needs to start worrying!

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    There’s something about Akshay Kumar these days that has made many industry insiders cringe. His arrogance, they say, has cost producers a lot of money. And now, we are told, it is Akshay’s turn.2009 may not be as blissful a year for Akshay Kumar as the previous two years. Ironically, it was also supposed to be the year he had most meticulously planned.If insiders are to be believed, Akshay had all intentions of staying in the limelight throughout the year. As a result he had hoped to have at one film releasing at regular intervals.

    With Chandni Chowk to China being the first big release of the year hit the screens in January, 8×10 Tasveer released in April – within about three months. It’s another matter that neither did well leaving Akshay Kumar somewhat in the lurch. Tongues had started wagging the Monday after Chandni Chowk released.The word was out. For the first time in two years, an Akshay Kumar film could not rake in the green stuff at the box office on its opening weekend.

    Many of us – journalists and industry observers – turned to our favourite cliché: ‘It’s the beginning of the end!But then 8×10 Tasveer released, only confirming everyone’s fears. Every trade analyst worth his salt blamed Akshay Kumar squarely for the disaster. Had he not charged so much, the film might have actually been able to recover the money if not make a profit,” an industry insider tells us.



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