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    Default Akshay and Sanjay Dutt grand patch-up

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    Like friends, there are no permanent enemies either in Bollywood. For instance, the 15-year-old dushmani between the two macho men - Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar had been a hot topic for a long time. In fact, the cold war between both the actors only intensified over the years and during the shooting for Blue, it had reached boiling point. However, the cold war finally came to an end the day the shooting of Blue wrapped up.

    According to a source, Sanjay and Akshay decided to let bygones be bygones. "On the last day of the shoot, they were warm with each other. Their reunion took everyone by surprise. They are even willing to work together in the future."

    Meanwhile, there was a buzz recently that Sanjay had spoken very highly about Akshay. So who finally waived the peace flag first? "The initiative was from both sides," said the source.

    Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar's friction stems from the sets of Raj Sippy's Amaanat (1994). The story goes that Raj Sippy wanted to picturise a song on Akshay, but Sanjay wanted that song to be picturised on him instead. Finally, Sippy conceded to Sanjay's demand. The two didn't cross paths thereafter.

    Though initially they refused to work together for Blue, they finally reached a consensus. The cold war had escalated when Akshay was hogging the limelight by playing a gracious host to Kylie Minogue. How could Sanjay be left behind? Akshay hosted a lunch for Kylie, spent quality time together, posed for pictures with her and even took her to a wedding to give her a peek into Indian culture. There were reports thereafter that Sanjay would throw a party for Kylie, which didn't happen due to his fledging political career and Kylie's short visit.

    Meanwhile, Dharam Oberoi (CEO, Sanjay Dutt Productions) rather diplomatically said, "Everything is fine between Sanjay and Akshay. Problem tha hi kab?"



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