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    Default Akshay played up his Casanova image at Tarun Tahiliani Show

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    Akshay played up his Casanova image at Tarun Tahiliani Show
    By ZeeNews, 31 March, 2009
    Akshay played up his Casanova image at Tarun Tahiliani ShowAkshay played up his Casanova image wonderfully well, and took wife Twinkle Khanna completely by surprise! Walking for Tarun Tahiliani at the Lakme Fashion Week, when Akshay stopped before her on the ramp, Twinkle was not expecting what he did next. He thrust his pelvis at her and asked her to unbutton his jeans.

    The coy wife went red and shrunk back. Unrelenting, Akki took her hand and only then did a blushing Twinkle relent. Before your mind’s eye races to the unimaginable, let us assure you that if anything popped out at this hot show, it were the eyes of those who watched!

    Even Akshay blushed a bit and backed-off after the act.

    When asked about the ramp walking, Akshay said, “I was not nervous as I did not have to perform – as in shows. I just had to walk, that also in the most comfortable of dresses – in jeans!”

    About his daily-rising success star, he said, “No, my success is not a part of any strategy. I just be myself, and things take their course.”

    When asked whether the ‘unzipping’ incident was staged, Twinkle replied, “He always does something to surprise me. I was not at all expecting this. He comes up with something new everytime.”

    Naturally, her smile was controlled and her blushes were not spared.

    Walking the ramp in a Tarun Tahiliani ensemble on Day 4 of the Lakme Fashion Week, Akki wore a sleeveless t-shirt emblazoned ‘Levi’s’ and a rugged blue jeans. He wore a pair of dark brown boots with the leggings embroidered tastefully. Looking quite a cowboy, his antics were bold enough to match his looks.

    Thanks to his provocative stunt, there were naughty twinkles in eyes other than his wife’s!



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