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    Default Akshay in no mood to patch up with SRK

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    Akshay Kumar is making it more than clear that his loyalties are not with Shah Rukh Khan.Akshay has for long been a challenge for the Khans, but now the dynamics are changing. Its now a straight competition between Akshay and Shah Rukh. So the bonhomie is missing and Akshay prefers the word co-star for his once good friend.Sources say Shah Rukh tried to calm the waters by going for a friendly visit to Akshays film set. But that didnt seem to work.It was just about two co-stars meeting. Whats so big about it?

    Its nothing, said Akshay.Shah Rukhs sworn enemies may have praised him in public, but Akshay has refused to bite the bait. According to him, the most handsome star in the industry was Salman Khan and nobody matched up to him.Shah Rukh has a character on his face, but I would consider Salman a very good-looking guy, said Akshay.So was Akshay trying to get back at people who he thought had an agenda against him? The actor has already gone on record and accused people in the industry of plotting against his films ahead of their release.

    Again, during the promotion of his film Singh is Kingg, Akshay did not mince words while talking about his colleagues. All this talk that so and so is the king of Bollywood is nonsense. Anyone can be king, whether its a Khan, Khanna or Kumar, Akshay said. Clearly, the big fight in Bollywood is far from over.

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    SRK fighting with all or what???



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