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    Arrow Akshay Kumar's son excited abut 'Blue'

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    Mumbai, Aug 27 (IANS) Akshay Kumar's son Aarav is excited about his father's film 'Blue' where the Bollywood star plays a greedy, ruthless guy who spends most of his time underwater looking for treasure.

    'Akshay knows Aarav will be kicked by the idea of his dad playing a champion swimmer and that too named Aarav after his son. In Aarav's eyes, Akshay is the true hero. To watch his dad play a man of dubious morals and grey aspirations would be a new experience for Aarav,' a source told IANS.

    Akshay has earlier played a negative character in 'Khiladi 420'. But that was a double role with one of the twins turning evil. Besides Aarav wasn't born when it was released.

    'It's true, Akshay plays a man who thinks getting what he wants is more important than how you get there. I wrote the character for Akshay. He was to be called Akshay Malhotra. But then when I saw that Akshay had tattooed his son's name on his back I decided to change the character's name to Aarav,' said Anthony D'Souza, who has directed 'Blue'.




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