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    Default Akshay Kumar's 26 tips to avoid being conned

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    In Neeraj Pandey's Special 26, Akshay Kumar plays Natwarlal, who performed a daring heist in 1987 posing as a CBI officer. In keeping with the Republic Day date (January 26), the actor shares 26 tips to beat conmen...

    Pay your taxes: The I-T officer will hopefully leave you alone.

    Self-defence: Compulsory for all girls in all schools. No girl in this day and age should feel that they can be pushed around because they are female.

    Stand up for what is right: Not just for now, but for the future, too.

    Demand child support from the government for every baby girl: To stop the 'bloody massacre' of India's unwanted daughters. Financial support would free the thought of family burden in every household.

    Ask questions: It is your birthright as a citizen.

    Stop looking at 'politics' as if it should be the answer: We are our own people. Respectfully, we are owned by no one.

    Belief: Believe nothing of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

    Read: Read everything twice before you even think of signing it.

    Words are words, handshakes are handshakes: But your signature could sign your life away.

    Get a lawyer: First listen and then make your mind up.

    Trust no one: Not even your lawyer.

    Certificates can be forged: Always ask for an official background check on anyone you have to do business with.

    Spread your money: Never keep all your money in your purse, put some in your socks. If you are mugged you should always have enough money on you to reach the police station.

    Make sure all police officers take your complaint seriously: If we allow people to think they can get away with even the smallest of matters, our country's criminals will never learn nor improve.

    Do not be intimidated by people who wear a badge: Because without it, they are as vulnerable as us.

    Never keep your official documents on you: Only carry copies.

    Mind your own business: Unless it becomes your business.

    Don't allow anyone to convince you to do anything: You are your own person; you know what is right and what is wrong.

    Voice-record every business meeting: No proof, no redemption.

    Value people's time and money: And they will value yours.

    No one wins the lottery on their phone: Never give out your personal details, not even to your family doctor, and ignore chain mails.

    Trust no one but yourself: Then it can be no-ones fault but your own.

    Check currency notes with RBI mark: Forgery is easy, don't be simple and fall for it.

    Women should carry mace spray: Anyone gets in your face, spray them, temporarily blind them and get the hell out of there.

    When someone tells you there's a short cut to being rich, don't ever listen: They are basically saying hand over your money and watch me walk away with it.

    My final tip: It may have nothing to do with the concept of my film, but I want my final word not to be about caution, but to be about Time! Let the people you love and care about know how precious they are to you. I lost a very good man on Jan 23, I can only pray he knew how much he meant to me! Let Time be on your side, don't let Time con you.

    Special 26, produced by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, releases February 8.



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