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    Default Akshay Kumar vows not to work in copied films !!!

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    On Tuesday morning the appeals court in Kolkata ordered that the entire boxoffice collections of the Bengali film Poran Jay Jolaye Re be deposited in the court. The film which was released a couple of months ago to a rousing welome in Bengal is said to have so far collected whopping figures at the boxoffice.

    By depositing the entire collection at the boxoffice the producers Venkatesh Films of the Bengali film stand to lose a substantial amount of money.

    Says Vipul, “They’ve to deposit every single penny that the film has collected.The judgement of the appeals court says that the ENTIRE boxoffice collection of the Bengali film be deposited in court.

    It is historic in terms of violation of copyright infringement. To know the court can stop a film is a clear signal that plagiarism can be fought.

    The judgement will now be a reference point for all plagiarism cases. It was needed. Every filmmaker contemplating plagiarism will now think twice.”

    The alleged copyright violators of the Bengali film can now appeal in the Supreme Court.

    As for the money that the court has confiscated from the Bengali film’s collection it is now legally a part of a damage suit that Vipul chooses to file.

    “However I don’t want any monetary compensation. That wasn’t my intention. I wanted to make a strong case against copyright infringement. The honourable court has done the needful.I think it’s victory for all us filmmakers.

    We used to make a joke about copyright laws by saying copyright means the right to copy. I think the joke has now ended.”

    Akshay Kumar who’s the co-producer of Namaste London has decided not to sign any film that he knows to be an illegal copy.

    Says Akshay, “By God’s grace all my films seem to be original. Even Vipul’s Action Replay which some people think is a copied from elsewhere (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) is original. People who spread these rumours should be careful. Copying films is as serious an offence as accusing an original work of being a copy.”

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