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    Default Akshay Kumar turns into a spot boy for his family!

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    Akshay Kumar, who has played umpteen roles in the course of his career, must definitely not have bargained for this one. Currently, on a holiday in New York, Disneyland, Puerto Rico, Canada and London with his son Aarav and wife Twinkle, he has taken up a new role, that of a spot boy.

    Talking about his ‘job’, Akshay remarked in jest, “On my holiday, I don’t even take calls because I’m a servant.” Then on a more serious note, he quickly added, “I may be one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, but on vacation, my position is equal to that of my spot boy Nitin.”

    He explained that for the next 21 days, he will be at the beck and call of his son and wife. Like Aarav starts the day by dictating what they will eat for breakfast, how many rides they will take at Disneyland and so on. “Even if my bones are weary with those amusement park rides, I have to comply with Aarav’s wishes. Just like Nitin complies with my wishes when I am working,” said Akshay, mimicking how he walks faithfully by his son’s side lifting his bag; and taking orders.

    On days when his darling son wishes to rest in his hotel room, Akshay still doesn’t get the day off. Akshay has to accompany wife Twinkle on her shopping expedition. He talked about how he sits patiently on a bench around the mall that Twinkle visits. “She goes to each shop looking for that exclusive dress. When she has picked up half a dozen, she orders me to sit on a bench. Sometimes she does a little ramp walk for me, asking for my opinion about what she should buy and what she must discard,” remarked the actor.

    The star explained that his own shopping is usually done in a day; but for the rest of his vacation, he lugs bags and walks behind his wife. “Of course, when Aarav is too tired to accompany us, then I take Tina for a nice, romantic dinner. That’s the bonus I get,” said Akshay.

    No wonder all this ‘slavery’ leaves Akshay exhausted at the end of the vacation. So much so that when he gets back to work, he’s more than happy to order people around. As an afterthought he added, “When I get back to shooting and see my spot boy Nitin, I’m actually relieved. Finally, instead of being ordered around, I can scream - Nitin phone uthao, Nitin paani lao.”

    So much for star vacations.



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