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    Default Akshay Kumar makes documentary on Global Warming

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    Changing tracks, Akshay Kumar, who was so far been associated only with mainstream Hindi films, has produced a documentary on the effects of global warming.

    Titled White Knight, the film is about Chewang Norphel of Leh, who makes artificial glaciers to conserve water for those living in high altitude areas.

    Comments Akshay, "Due to global warming, natural glaciers melt faster. As a result, people living in high altitudes face acute water crisis till new glaciers are formed. That's when Chewang started conserving water to make artificial glaciers for them. He's the only man in the world to create artificial glaciers."

    When he read about Chewang's work last year, the actor-producer wanted the world to know about it. "While we can't stop the glaciers from melting, we can create artificial ones. Making a documentary on the issue may not solve the problem, but it certainly brings focus and groundwork on the subject and becomes the basis for further action," he adds.

    The documentary, directed by Aarti Shrivastava, has been sent to various international film festivals. It was also screened at the South Asian International Film Festival in Canada and the Indian Film Festival in Houston.

    According to Akshay, the documentary gives a glimpse of the protagonist's innovation and perseverance, and shows how a single person can make a difference. He is pleased with the response White Knight has received at film festivals. This is not a one-off project for Akshay, who wants to make more documentaries to spread awareness about such stories of human-interest.



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